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The Effect of Margin Profit and Total Assets Towards Suistainable Growth Rate of The Distributor and Trade Company

Dr. Ibrahim Hafied, SE., M.Si, Ak

IBM 10 (4) 2016, 423-428



Analysis of The Work of Motivation and Job Satisfaction of The Regional Development Planning Agency's Employee Makassar City

Dr. Salmiaty Taty, MS

Journal of Management Research and Analysis ISSN 2394-2762 (Print)., e-ISSN 2394-2770 (online) Vol. 2, Issue III



The Impact of Price Subsidy Policy of Fertilizer On Production, Demand, And Supply of Corn In Indonesia

Dr. Akhmad American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture ISSN: 1995-0748, EISSN: 1998-1074 2016, volume (10), issue (1) Februari 2016  


Effect of Relational Benefits, Satisfaction, and Cutomer Loyality Service Industry in Makassar

Dr. Nurfaidah, SE., M.Si International Journal of Scientific and Research Publication Vol. 5  


Human Capital, Enterpreneurial Ability and Organizational Commitment of Small Business Performance Through Manager Satisfaction

Nurdam Buhaerah IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science Vol 21, Issue 5 Ver 2 (May 2016)  


Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility to Profitability Finance Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange"

Dr. Rusdiah Hasanuddin, SE.,M.Si.Ak Jurnal International Qualitative and Quantitative Research Review Vol 2 Issue I 2017  


Auditor Ethics in Kain Poleng and Mulat Sarina Treading Identity Between Black and White

Nur Alimin Azis RJOAS, 6 (66) June 2017  


Professional Commitment, Auditor Independence, and Organizational Ethical Culture : Empirical Evidence From Indonesia

Nur Alimin Azis IJMAS Vol 3 No. 09 (28-36)


9 The structure of emotional intelligence, spritual intelligence and its relationship with work enthusiasm and auditor performance Rusdiah Hasanuddin World journal of business and management vol.3 no.1  
10 Audit Quality Attributes And Client Satisfaction: Evidence From Family Business" Amril, SE.,M.Si.Ak Proceding International (ICFBE)  
11 Effect of Corporate Governance, Integrated Quality Management, Corporate Social Responsibility on Competitive Capabilities and Operational Performance Dr. Mulyahati Renreng, SE.,M.Si Journal of Arts, Science, & Commerce Vol VII Issue 4 October 2016  
12 Improvement on Employee Performance Dr. Salmiaty Taty, MS International Business Management (2016 Vol 10)  
13 The Effect of Leadership Style, work Environment and Organization Culture on Employee Performance : A Case Study at Kawasan Industri Makassar (KIMA) Indonesia Dr. Salmiaty Taty, SE., M.Si & Dr. H. Muhammad Basir, M.Si IOSR Journal of Business and Management Vol 18 Issue 10 (Version-VII)  
14 Analysis of Economic Growth Strategy from The Maritime Sector : Evidence From South Sulawesi Province Helmy Syamsuri, SE., M.Si Prosiding International Conference on Frontier of Sciences and Society (ICFSS-2017)  
15 Impact Of Local Government Expenditure On The Poverty Of South Sulawesi Province In Indonesia Dr. Akhmad, SE., M.Si Journal Of Applied Sciences Research ISSN: 1819-544X EISSN: 1816-157X 2016 September  
16 Human Capital Competitiveness in Asean Economic Community (AEC): The Role of Regulation and Supervision, Indonesia Experiences Dr. Salmiaty Taty, MS IOSR Journal of Business and Management Vol 18 Issue 10 (Version-VII)  
17 Competency Model Development : A Study of Conceptual Framework Dr. Salmiaty Taty, SE., M.Si & Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Musseng, SE., MS IJBMI Vol 6-Issue5-Version-1 (May 2017)  
18  The Impact of Implementation of Finance Management Functions and The Concept of Economic Value Added  Dr. Ibrahim Hafied, SE., M.Si, Ak  Research Journal of Finance and Accounting Vol 9 No 2, 2018  
19 Information Technology Governance Standards on Mobile Applications for Fishing Zone Based on CobIT 5 Framework in Majene Syarifuddin, SE., M.Si, Ak Conference Series : Earth and Environmental Science  
20 An Effect of Enterprises Sector, Time Period, Capital Turnover, Character, and Enterprises Asset on The Feasibility Appraisal Decision Of Startup Enterpreneurs Assistance Harry Yulianto, SE., M.Si Prosiding International  
21 The Strategy Of Increasing Economic Growth Of The Maritime Sector : South Sulawesi Analysis Context Helmy Syamsuri, SE., M.Si Conference Series : Earth and Environmental Science  
22 The Gap Analysis Of Servqual (Case Study of Bus Rapid Transit's Customer on Makassar) Harry Yulianto, SE., M.Si Prosiding International  
23 Accounting analysis as cash receivables in PT. Prima Unggulin Makassar Dr. Ahmad Musseng, SE,M.Si
Internasioanl journal of current research vol.10 No.4
24 Effect of Service Quality and Corporate Image Satisfaction and Loyalty of Post Service Users in Regional X Sulawesi and Maluku Dr. Andi Syarifuddin, SE., M.Si International Journal of Management & Social Sciences  
25 The Effect of Leadership Style on Job Satisfaction : A Case Study Analysis on KIMA Company in Makassar Industrial Areaa, Indonesia Dr. Ahmad Musseng, SE,M.Si Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 13, 2018  
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